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DotGNU Portable.Net is a portable suite of tools (including a C# compiler, assembler, and runtime engine) for non-Microsoft platforms such as GNU/Linux. It is a part of the DotGNU meta-project.

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2007-03-20 07:18

Assorted bugfixes.
標籤: Development, Minor bugfixes

2005-08-18 12:16

The versions of libgc and libffi were updated. Fixes were made in System.Windows.Forms and to some minor bugs.
標籤: Development, Minor feature enhancements

2004-10-30 17:36

This release adds many bugfixes throughout most components.
標籤: Development, Major bugfixes

2004-08-08 04:14

There are major bugfixes across all components.
標籤: Development, Major bugfixes

2004-05-29 09:41

Major strides were made in threading, System.Windows.Forms,
System.Xml, ml-pnet, DCOP, serialization, and many other
標籤: Development, Major feature enhancements

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