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PasTmon (Passive Application Response Time Monitor) passively monitors your application servers, measuring and reporting user response times, throughput and congestion. It currently works with HTTP, telnet, rlogin, rsh, FTP (control channel), SMTP, POP3, and IRC. Measurements are recorded in a PostgreSQL database and are presented graphically via a PHP Web front-end using R statistical analysis scripts to create the plots.

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2009-11-09 02:48

This release includes some minor fixes for ICMP support, TCP Window Scaling, data summarization, and some minor memory leaks. New features include a new option for logging to syslog and a new login page to access the PHP interface. The old Standard Reports interface has been removed in favor of the jpgraph based favorites.

2009-08-03 02:57

This release brings support for multiple PasTmon sensors feeding into a single central PostgreSQL database. It has been ported to FreeBSD (7.1), has significant performance improvements, and has the beginnings of a complete rewrite of the PHP-based interface.

2008-10-20 00:24

pastmon-php passing of filters in drill-down was
fixed. Some memory leaks were fixed. E_NOTICE
breaking plots in pastmonphp was fixed. Internal
memory statistics collection was added for the DBI
output plugin. libdbi and libdbi-drivers 0.8.3 or
above are recommended. Segfaults in the DBI output
plugin were fixed.
標籤: Beta, Major bugfixes

2008-01-27 17:27

This release fixes a timezone clock skew issue with the Internal metrics plots, and now also prefers to use TrueType fonts for all plots, if installed.
標籤: Beta, Minor bugfixes

2008-01-20 14:42

Gentoo ebuild support was added. Minor useability
improvements were made in the PHP interface.
Permission changes were made in the database.
Minor bugs were fixed. The license was migrated to
the GPLv3.
標籤: Beta, Minor feature enhancements

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