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Parrot and Chirp are user-level tools that make it easy to rapidly deploy wide area filesystems. Parrot is the client component: it transparently attaches to unmodified applications, and redirects their system calls to various remote servers. A variety of controls can be applied to modify the namespace and resources available to the application. Chirp is the server component: it allows an ordinary user to easily export and share storage across the wide area with a single command. A rich access control system allows users to mix and match multiple authentication types. Parrot and Chirp are most useful in the context of large scale distributed systems such as clusters, clouds, and grids where one may have limited permissions to install software.

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2013-02-12 11:24

Parrot watchdog now properly honors minimum wait time.

Parrot now reports the logical executable name for /proc/self/exe instead of the
physical name.
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2012-02-24 07:29

Parrot now supports the faccessat system call. It has a new daemon option for chirp_server and catalog_server. There is a new FUSE mount option support for chirp_fuse. New support for CVMFS filesystem in Parrot.

2011-11-15 08:56

This minor release fixes several bugs: Parrot-S3 support has been updated to the current Amazon address. Chirp-FUSE (and other chirp tools) now correctly support Chirp ticket authentication. Some missing header files are now installed correctly.

2011-10-24 05:18

This release includes a variety of improvements and bugfixes shaken out from using Parrot with a variety of high performance scientific applications, particularly those using MPICH, Python, ROOT, and XRootD. The Chirp server has been significantly reworked into a more robust multi-process architecture with improved support for HDFS and ticket-based authentication.

2011-07-14 05:36

This release includes many enhancements to the Chirp HDFS drivers and Chirp-FUSE module that make it much easier to deploy Chirp with HDFS out of the box. Support for XRootD within Parrot has been improved and is now included in binary releases. Support for new system calls in RHEL6 has been added. A number of minor bugfixes and other features are included.

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