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PAC provides a GUI to configure SSH and Telnet connections, including usernames, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, and macros. It is similar in function to SecureCRT or Putty. It is intended for people who connect to many servers through SSH. It can automate logins and command executions.

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2011-10-25 08:00

This release changes "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" from being a "parent node" (less indentation, more space, cleaner UI), adds an independent "User" entry for the "Public key" authentication method, adds a button to open the "Wake On Lan" GUI to allow sending "Magic packets" to any MAC address (not only those configured in PAC), forces PCC's syntax highlight text font to "monospace", and fixes a bug which prevented "Autostart at session startup" from being persistent.
標籤: Code cleanup, GUI improvements

2011-10-22 06:11

This release adds "Syntax highlighting" to the Textview of Power Cluster Controller, with options to load/save the text it contains. It adds a "Retab" button to the "Power Cluster Controller" in order to let the user re-tab those independent connections' windows. It fixes a bug that prevented sending <Ctrl>f to a terminal (instead, the Incremental Search dialog appeared). There are minor configuration saving modifications and minor code cleanup.
標籤: bug fix and enhancement, Code cleanup, GUI improvements

2011-10-20 06:02

This release adds a right-click option over the Connections tree to import/export connections to/from ".yml" (YAML) files. It adds a better "Incremental Search" for Connections (start typing to get results, or do <Ctrl>f), which accepts Perl regular expressions. Some transparent automatic backups with different config file formats to avoid some buggy Perl libraries not importing data from previous versions. The load configuration function has been modified to make a best effort of loading any valid previous config file.
標籤: Code cleanup, GUI improvement

2011-10-11 20:39

An option was added under 'Power Cluster Controller' to write commands on a text entry, and send it at once to the cluster (exec all, selected or block). An option was added in the "Chain" GUI to optionally allow sending Chains to all the elements of a cluster. A bug that prevented the exported .YML file from being password-encrypted (and thereby, it could not be used to restore it from backup) was fixed. A bug that prevented te-tabbing a tab when it was "full-screened" was fixed. The <Ctrl>+number for tab change was modified.
標籤: bug fix and enhancement, GUI improvements

2011-10-06 09:58

Code was added to automate the deletion of "offending keys" from the known_hosts file. A small modification was made to allow a choice of sending a <RETURN> for every command in the "chaining" connection. An option was added under "Preferences" to export the whole configuration as YAML. A bug that prevented "log amount to save" in the "Edit" window from saving the correctly provided value was fixed. The 'load/save' routines were modified to use standard "Storable" functions. Closing when auto-save is on is now faster.
標籤: bug fix and enhancement, Code cleanup, GUI

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