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Portable OpenSSH is a Unix/Linux port of OpenBSD's excellent OpenSSH, a full implementation of the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. It includes sftp client and server support.

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2006-10-06 14:52 Back to release list

This release adds important security fixes.
Support for Diffie-Hellman
with SHA256 has been added. Several features have
been added to
sshd_config, including support for conditional
directives, forcing use
of a specified command, and restrictions on port
forwarding. Optional
logging has been added to sftp-server. The client
may exit if any
requested port forwarding cannot be established,
and will record any
non-standard ports in the known_hosts file.
Support for SELinux, Solaris
process contracts, and OpenSSL hardware engines
can be built in. Various
other bugs have been fixed and features added.
標籤: Major security fixes, Stable

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