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專案描述 is the Open Source project through which Sun Microsystems is releasing the technology for the popular StarOffice productivity suite.

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2009-05-09 02:44

Anti-aliasing to improve the way it draws on-screen (lines, circles, etc). New locale data for Maltese (Malta) [mt-MT], Myanmar (Myanmar) [my-MM], Shuswap (Canada) [shs-CA], and Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) [tpi-PG]. This release also adds new Arabic locales: Arabic (Chad) [ar-TD]; Arabic (Comoros) [ar-KM]; Arabic (Djibouti) [ar-DJ]; Arabic (Eritrea) [ar-ER]; Arabic (Israel) [ar-IL]; Arabic (Mauritania) [ar-MR]; Arabic (Palestine) [ar-PS]; Arabic (Somalia) [ar-SO]; and Arabic (Sudan) [ar-SD].
標籤: Stable

2009-02-07 07:12

Improvement for grammar checking and file locking fixes.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

2007-06-13 09:12

標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

2007-06-01 09:23

Text display quality was improved. PDF export now
supports bookmarks. Integration with Windows
Vista's GUI was improved. Various other bugfixes
and new features were added.
標籤: Stable, Minor feature enhancements

2007-01-17 17:24

Multiple monitor support was added for Impress.
Calc HTML export was improved. Access support for
Base was enhanced. Even more languages are
supported. Automatic notifications of updates are
presented to the user.
標籤: Stable, Major feature enhancements

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