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openModeller is a C++ framework providing tools and an API for ecological niche modeling using a variety of algorithms. It can be used to predict species potential distribution based on a set of georeferenced occurrence points and a set of environmental layers.

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2011-10-04 06:24

This release includes the new algorithm Random Forests and new versions of ENFA, Maxent, and Environmental Distance. There were also minor changes in the Web Service, the command line interface, and the framework itself.
標籤: Minor Enhancements, Minor bugfixes

2010-02-16 03:38

This release includes two new algorithms: ENFA (Ecological Niche Factor Analysis) and Niche Mosaic. A new version of the Maximum Entropy algorithm based on the Maxent paper (Phillips et al., 2006) has been added. It also contains a few adjustments in other existing algorithms (GARP, AquaMaps, ANN, CSM and Mahalanobis distance).

2009-05-23 03:40

This release includes adjustments in algorithms (ANN and SVM), commandline tools (om_model and om_niche), and the ROC curve procedure. There were also improvements in the modeling protocol and model statistics (including the possibility to use the lowest presence threshold).
標籤: Minor Enhancements, Minor bugfixes

2009-02-03 07:20

This release includes a new algorithm using Artificial Neural Networks, support for generating distribution maps in ARC/Info ASCII grid format, and changes in the ROC Curve class.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2009-01-16 03:50

This release contains many adjustments in the command line tools, a new method in the modeling service to perform external tests, and the ability to configure the modeling server so that all jobs are submitted to Cluster nodes via Condor.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

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