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OpenGrok is a fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine. It helps you search, cross-reference, and navigate your source tree. It can understand various program file formats and version control histories like Mercurial, Bazaar, Git, ClearCase, Perforce, SCCS, RCS, CVS, or Subversion. In other words, it lets you grok (profoundly understand) the source.

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2012-02-08 07:12

New features include a PHP, Visual Basic, Javascript and standalone C# analyzer. This release also has a completely refactored UI, upgrades jQuery to 1.4.4, and was made SSL, SSO, and mod_proxy compatible. Many bugs were fixed.
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2011-01-06 00:01

New features include a Python analyzer, a Perl analyzer, and listing of variables and methods for quicker navigation. The sh analyzer xrefs were improved. The SQL analyzer was updated to SQL:2008. UI usability improvements were made. Lucene was updated to 3.0.2. Maven was introduced as an alternative build system to Ant. Lots of bugs were fixed.
標籤: stable major

2009-12-09 02:16

More source code repository backends are supported, including Bazaar and Monotone. Support for more languages was added, including Fortran, detection of C++ keywords, and parsing of C# files with the C analyzer. You can search through multiple projects at the same time. An opengrok search may now be registered as a search engine (provider) in Firefox (or Internet Explorer). History cache is stored in Java DB. Installation and setup were simplified. The user interface was improved.

2008-11-25 21:24

This release supports more source code repository backends: ClearCase, Git, Razor, and JMX Agent. An external Subversion binary is used instead of svn-javahl.jar. Java logging was implemented. The history cache is stored in compressed files to save disk space.

2008-04-14 10:01

Lots of bugs have been fixed. This includes
duplicate magics in the analyzers. IOExceptions
are no longer thrown when viewing history for xref
root in a multi-project installation. The indexer
uses the value specified with -m now. The option
to disable index optimization upon indexing is now
available. Links have been created to account
details in annotate mode. Directory names can
contain a plus (+) character now. Subtrees can be
reindexed. The index can be optimized without
reindexing. URL friendly project handling has been
added. Double-colons in a search pattern no longer
throw an error.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

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