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The OpenGeo Suite is an integrated package of best of breed open source geospatial software providing an easy to install Web-mapping and data sharing solution. It consists of several components. GeoServer is a map and feature server providing standardized Web access to underlying GIS data sources and cartographic quality maps. GeoWebCache is a Web map accelerator, intelligently caching and serving tiles to make maps scale. Styler provides Web styling of maps, built on OpenLayers and GeoExt. GeoExplorer is a pure Javascript map composition application built on OpenLayers and Geoext. Dashboard is a cross-platform desktop application to access all the components. There are samples of Javascript functionality to build custom Web applications.

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2011-04-12 06:38

This release contains some improvements and bugfixes, including integrated styling and editing capabilities in GeoExplorer, a new Upload Data function for directly adding data to GeoServer from inside GeoExplorer, and an improved authentication process in GeoExplorer.

2011-02-01 07:26

This release contains some improvements and bugfixes, including RPM and APT based Linux packages, integrated GeoWebCache caching with GeoServer WMS (with disk quota), new Bing and MapQuest layers, and more.

2010-12-22 18:36

This release contains some improvements and bug fixes. In GeoServer, WMS 1.3 support was added, SE 1.1 and SLD 1.1 are partially supported, support for ECQL was added, and the REST API now handles SQL views. GeoExplorer was pegged to Google Maps API version 3.2 for more stability.

2010-12-08 06:34

This is a stability/maintenance release. In addition to bugfixes, it includes a tutorial for adding editing capabilities to GeoExplorer and the ability to set the GeoExplorer data directory as an init parameter.

2010-11-23 12:02

This release features numerous fixes and updates, including the latest version of GeoServer ("trunk") plus Cascading WMS, Monitoring, and a revamped GeoExplorer user manual.
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