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openDIAS (Document Imaging Archive System) provides document imaging with OCR. You can scan documents (with SANE) or import office documents, then assign them tags. It can store all your letters, bills, statements, etc. in a convenient, safe, and easily retrievable way.

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2012-01-12 07:31

This release introduces major new functionality and polishes the code and user interface. Overall, it is a solid increase in functionality and quality.

2011-05-16 00:47

The software was totally rewritten from the bottom up. It is now a Web based client, interfacing into a server backend that controls the SANE devices and the database.

2008-07-02 20:02

Threading was added to "slick up" the UI in places. More memory leaks were fixed. Things are handled when the loading image is not available. Compiler flags are used to set the data_dir. Cleanup was done. A "no OCR libs" error was fixed. Lots of memory leaks were fixed. Bind vars are now used for database updates and inserts. The "should we OCR" setting now defaults to on. Image processing was added to allow paged views of scanned images. An icon was added to the application. A build failure bug if tesseract is not installed was fixed.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2008-05-27 23:54

A bug that prevented new users from creating their
repository was fixed.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2008-05-27 08:24

標籤: Initial freshmeat announcement

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