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OIO is a Web-based metadata/data management front-end which is built using Zope and works with Postgresql. No programming is required to build and manage Web-forms or to perform data mining/analysis on the collected data. It is in production at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center for clinical outcomes management and research data. Forms created with OIO and hosted on any OIO server can be downloaded as XML files. Once downloaded from the "Forms library" and imported into an OIO server, the necessary database tables are automatically recreated and the imported forms become immediately available to the users of that OIO server.

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2003-10-01 00:15

Numerous major enhancements including integration of scheduling and workflows, Oracle compatibility, a skinnable interface with pull-down menues, a data dictionary, graph production via SVG, a date range query, a folder to organize forms and other objects, and major code review and cleanup.
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2001-10-06 10:48

Image management added. It is used by defining a form-item that has action="image". Once rendered in a Web-browser, the image item allows uploading of images. Each Web-form can support an unlimited number of image-handling items in addition to other data entry items. Thumbnail images are automatically created and stored with the orignal images in the file system (uses PIL: Python Imaging Library). Word/Phrase lists from the "Local Text Multi-Lingual System" can now be transported as XML documents in order to facilitate their sharing and merging across applications and installations.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2001-07-24 12:59

This is a major upgrade release with significantly expanded online data analysis capabilities (multi-level drill-down, N x N contingency table, Chi-square test) and integrated localization/in-context multi-lingual support. Works with Zope 2.3.3 and PostgreSQL 7.1.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2001-05-19 14:52

This is a major upgrade release with several new features and bugfixes. OIO Server's report generation/online analysis capabilities are more fully implemented, the basic framework for Role-based access control at form-level has been implemented, and two new form components have been added ("Hip Range of Motion", an interactive Javascript component, and Text area for editing of multi-line text with scroll bars).
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2001-01-30 15:13

The OIO Server now has added capabilities to export data sets to other programs (Excel, SAS, SPSS etc) through comma-delimited or XML file formats. Patient records are now portable between OIO Servers through XML files that contain patient identifiers, data schema (=OIO form), and patient data. Site administration (Add User) is now available through a simplified browser interface. Several new functions have been added to the Online Data Analysis Section (NOT, OR). Some annoying bugs have been fixed. New Installation and HowTo documents have been added to project support site at

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