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NMM (Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware) is a flow graph based multimedia framework. NMM allows a programmer to create distributed multimedia applications: local and remote multimedia devices or software components can be controlled transparently and integrated into a common multimedia processing flow graph. NMM is a set of cross-platform libraries and applications. A software development kit (SDK) is also provided.

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2010-05-26 23:22

Shared bindings allow two NMM applications to communicate using a single TCP or UDP connection, even if multiple independent out-of-band bindings are active.

2005-11-10 01:35

From this release, packages will be provided for different distributions. Currently, packages are provided for Debian Sarge, SuSE 9.3, Fedora Core, and Red Hat 9.0.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2005-07-30 21:22

In the multimedia box, the TV state now supports multiple TV sources, the transcoding state was improved, and a state which allows you to control a distributed camera via remote control was added. The plug-ins were updated to new library versions. See for further information. An AlsaPlaybackNode which uses the ALSA interface for audio playback was added. The documentation and installation instructions were updated.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2005-02-17 01:09

This release has the initial version of a sophisticated transcoding state that allows for distributed and parallelized transcoding of arbitrary audio/video sources. All states provide a color bar to simplify operating by remote control. The buttons of this color bar can be controlled by the four color buttons of a remote control NMM architecture. A security mechanism to limit read/write access to certain directories and users has been added. The plug-ins DVDNavReadNode and VorbisEncode/DecodeNode have been updated to new library versions.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2004-10-09 07:32

A new GraphBuilder that automatically creates a flow graph from a given URL was added. The Multimedia-Box playlist and clic use the new GraphBuilder for A/V playback. TVState provided a new search engine. The NMM engine was updated for use with the amaroK audio player. Most of the examples were replaced with graph descriptions. VideoCropNode was added for creating distributed video walls. Many minor bugfixes and feature enhancements were made.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

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