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Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a utility for network exploration, administration, and security auditing. It uses IP packets in novel ways to determine which hosts are available online (host discovery), which TCP/UDP ports are open (port scanning), and what applications and services are listening on each port (version detection). It can also identify remote host OS and device types via TCP/IP fingerprinting. Nmap offers flexible target and port specifications, decoy/stealth scanning for firewall and IDS evasion, and highly optimized timing algorithms for fast scanning.

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2007-12-13 13:46 Back to release list

320 important changes were made, including the Zenmap cross-platform GUI, a 2nd generation OS detection system, the Nmap Scripting Engine, a rewritten host discovery system, performance optimizations, advanced traceroute functionality, TCP and IP options support, and nearly 1500 new version detection signatures. It is recommended that all current users upgrade.
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