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The NET-SNMP (formerly UCD-SNMP) package contains various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol including an extensible agent, an SNMP library, tools to request or set information from SNMP agents, tools to generate and handle SNMP traps, a version of the unix 'netstat' command using SNMP and a Tk/perl mib browser. It was originally based on the Carnegie Mellon University SNMP implementation (version, but has been greatly enhanced, ported and fixed and barely resembles the original package anymore.

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2011-09-29 05:34

This is a bugfix release to update a few issues. It fixes the mib-parsing bug introduced in 5.7, fixes error rounding in disk percentage calculations, and adds better support for OpenBSD.
標籤: Minor, Bugfixes, Stable

2011-07-02 08:15

Significant features and fixes: better support for smaller environments, ping and traceroute MIB implementations for Linux, scheduled/periodic delivery of data via notifications, better multi-homed IP address support, SNMP over DTLS over IPv6, an snmpwalk per-variable timer, improved SNMP over SSH support, the ability to build without USM, DNSSEC validation of hostnames, improved unit tests, and many more.
標籤: Major

2011-01-04 10:19

Many bugfixes, including fixing support for VACM persistent storage and requests through AgentX with multiple varbinds.
標籤: Bugfixes, Minor

2008-11-01 03:24

A bug (CVE-2008-4309) in the getbulk handling within the agent code could let anyone with even minimal access crash the agent. This has been fixed.
標籤: Minor security fixes, net-snmp

2008-09-20 02:35

This release fixes the annoying "duplicate registration" warning. It adds SCTP-MIB for Linux, upgrades libtool, and fixes multiple miscellaneous bugs.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements, net-snmp

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