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The ncurses (new curses) library is a freeware emulation of System V Release 4.0 curses. It uses terminfo format, supports pads and color and multiple highlights and forms characters and function-key mapping, and has all the other SYSV-curses enhancements over BSD curses. The distribution includes the library and support utilities, including a terminfo compiler tic, a decompiler infocmp, clear, tput, tset, and a termcap conversion tool captoinfo. Full manual pages are provided for the library and tools.

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2011-04-05 12:33

A small number of bugs were fixed. Portability and configurability of subpackages for the Ada95 and test directories was expanded.
標籤: Packaging, Minor bugfixes

2011-02-27 17:10

Support for threaded applications was further extended by adding an API to reduce the use of a global screen-pointer. A port to Windows using MinGW was introduced. The "tabs" program was added. Many bugs were fixed.
標籤: Feature Enhancements

2008-11-03 11:46

Two new library configurations (a library supporting tic and related programs, and a completely new configuration providing some support for threaded applications). Many bugfixes and portability improvements.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2006-12-23 21:32

Hashed-databases are supported for storing
terminal descriptions. Support for magic-cookies
such as hpterm was improved. Support for rpath in
shared libraries was revised. Many bugfixes were
made for memory leaks, wide-character support,
portability, and more.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2005-10-13 00:58

The forms and menus libraries work with multi-byte characters. Experimental support for 256 color display and 5-button mice have been added. Many improvements have been made to locale support and portability, as well as bugfixes in different areas.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

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