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GNU nano (Nano's ANOther editor, or Not ANOther editor) is an enhanced clone of the Pico text editor.

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2010-04-16 06:14

This release includes security fixes due to an assessment of nano's vulnerability to symlink attacks; see CVE-2010-1160 and CVE-2010-1161. Also included are fixes for various crashes when using the spell checker on new files, and fixing the 'file was modified' message when saving to a new filename. 'Final' fixes to page up/down due to the soft wrapping code are included as well. The lone new feature included is a new syntax highlighting definition for cmake files. Please consider upgrading to this release if still using the 2.0 series, since fixes for that version are still forthcoming.
標籤: Security, Major, Stable

2009-12-01 03:58

Bugfixes include several fixes for tiny mode (involving both the help keys and replacement menu text), more 'final' fixes for soft wrapping, and several typo and documentation updates including nanorc tweaks and a new syntax highlighting file for makefiles. Also included is a long-standing fix for random crashing when using nanorc on FreeBSD, and nano will no longer clear the screen on suspend to maintain compatibility with other *nix editors.
標籤: Bugfixes, stable. major feature enhancements

2009-11-22 20:41

Included are some (hopefully final) fixes for issues with last page display caused by the soft wrapping code and a fix for a long-standing issue with hitting the home key when going through the search history. On the features front, nano will now attempt to retain the proper ownership and permissions when trying to create a .save file due to receiving a signal. Nano can also now unbind keys from one or more menus via the "unbind" keyword. Finally, passing --fill or --nowrap on the command line will now override any related .nanorc entries.
標籤: fixes, Major, Unstable

2009-07-28 16:54

This version includes various fixes for portability including support for some older HP-UX compiler combos, fixes for various compiler warnings, and some crash fixes in the undo code. The undo code is now marked as experimental since it can cause severe stability and memory issues, and thus now requires a flag (-u, --undo) in order to enable it.
標籤: Unstable

2009-02-17 16:33

Issues with the new sped-up syntax highlighting code were corrected. Other fixes include configure-time detection of groff HTML support before attempting to generate the HTML version of man pages. Using ~ or ~username syntax in .nanorc should now work again. Also, nano will now only ask for one acknowledgment of errors it encounters when parsing nanorc files, and a new -q (--quiet) flag will silence these messages altogether.
標籤: Major bugfixes, Unstable

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