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namebench finds the best DNS servers to use for your machine, benchmarks them, and outputs pretty graphs to tell you why they are optimal. It supports multiple data sources such as Alexa, your browser history, or tcpdump replays in order to generate the most relevant and individualized recommendation.

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2009-12-10 14:47

The DNS hijacking check was updated.
標籤: Minor

2009-12-09 06:21

Windows packaging and stability improvements. Linux Tk thread-safety crashes have been resolved. Improved presentation of nameservers with high error rates. Alexa and name server data has been updated. Seamonkey and Konqueror are now supported as data sources. Chrome and Opera history discovery has been improved.
標籤: Minor

2009-12-05 10:34

This release has improved performance all around, and includes over 3,000 nameservers to test against including Google Public DNS. Windows packaging and the UI have seen improvements as well.
標籤: Major

2009-11-16 21:29

A data source selection bug in the Mac OS X GUI was fixed. Min/Max duration columns were added to HTML output.
標籤: Bugfixes, Minor feature additions

2009-11-16 10:07

This release adds a proper GUI for Unix and Windows users. Significant improvements to the HTML output and cache-sharing detection. Improved performance on Mac OS X. Support for distutils has been added and many bugs have been fixed.
標籤: Beta, Bugfixes, Feature Enhancements

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