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namebench finds the best DNS servers to use for your machine, benchmarks them, and outputs pretty graphs to tell you why they are optimal. It supports multiple data sources such as Alexa, your browser history, or tcpdump replays in order to generate the most relevant and individualized recommendation.

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2010-06-05 18:24

The ability to publish and share your results was added. The user interfaces and HTML output have been improved. New datasets, a new template for resolv.conf generation, and new support for direct importation of pcap files were added. OARC port diversity checks were added. Third party libraries and server listing were updated.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2010-03-01 07:25

Improved performance by optimizing data imports, nameserver discovery, and making the benchmark multi-threaded. 712 new regional nameservers have been added. Fallback handling has been added for when the software overloads low-spec home routers. Import support from Flock, Galeon, Midori, OmniWeb, Sunrise, Camino, and iCab. Many bugfixes and other minor improvements.
標籤: Enhancements. Bugfixes

2010-01-05 17:57

IPv6 support was added, health checking was made faster and more comprehensive, the name server database was updated, and HTML output was improved. The Mac OS X version is now a universal binary. Many bugs were fixed.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes

2009-12-12 09:43

UI improvements for Windows and Unix. Better handling of browser history discovery and Unicode quirks under Windows.
標籤: Minor

2009-12-11 19:15

IP address filtering was added to browser history. Support was added for Opera 10 history on Mac OS X. Unicode related startup errors on Windows were fixed.
標籤: Bug Fix

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