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MyPaint is a program for painting images from scratch. It supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets and comes with an easy to use brush collection. The canvas size is unlimited. Layers and blending modes are supported.

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2013-01-02 07:45

This release adds a new color dialog with gamut constraint,
new geometry tools in the toolbar
(sequence of lines,
new blending modes,
an improved document frame,
and symmetrical (mirrored) painting.

There were many other changes, bugfixes, and optimizations.

the brush library has been made more independent of MyPaint,
and the brush file
format has changed to a JSON-based format.

2011-11-23 11:34

A configurable toolbar has been added with dropdown widgets for colour, brush, and brush settings. Floating tool windows can now be docked into a sidebar inside the main window. A "Lock Alpha" mode has been added for brush strokes, and there are now basic layer compositing modes. Mouse and stylus buttons can be bound to different actions via the preferences. There's a new scratchpad tool that can be used for thumbnails, notes, or recording strokes and colour. Finally, there have been numerous little improvements and bugfixes to MyPaint's speed, user interface, and its brush collections.

2011-03-05 07:06

This is a bugfix release without any new features. Several problems with non-ASCII file names, directory names, and layer names have been
fixed, as well as a number of other minor issues. Integration with the Windows platform has been improved.

2010-11-03 17:35

Support for importing and exporting brush groups was added. Subwindows can be toggled with the tab key. The default zoom level can be set in the preferences. Saving and startup time have been optimized. The open dialog shows thumbnails now. The brush collection has been updated and the number of brushes was reduced to a manageable size. Many other changes were made.

2010-02-28 21:23

This release fixes a regression in 0.8.1 that was making temporary layers stick around, notably when picking strokes from the canvas.

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