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Simulum deals with different simulations of star movements
and their visualizations. At first it looks at the projection and
accumulation of star brightness. In actually doing this it
distributes stars among a three dimensional figure. To get a
nice effect it combines the photographic image production
with a moving view point. So the outcome is the visual
impression of flying through a star field. Secondly it studies
different algorithms of particle movements and clustering.
The primary approach uses a combination of Newton's
gravitational law, energy, and impulse conservation. At all
these stages an highly dynamic view of the processes is able
to be produced.

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2006-03-10 22:59

A huge refactoring phase took place. Now the code is much better organized. A simple gravity engine is included, so you can watch gravity at work. It has now a nice GUI. You can browse the simulation with your mouse. The provided unsigned jar includes an applet that can directly be used by HTML pages; this release includes sample HTML pages. You can also webstart the signed jar or start it with "java -jar lib/mulumis.jar".
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2004-07-20 05:10

Width and height have no influence on the projection. Adjustable parameters added: "stars" (number of stars); "delta" (movement speed); "radius" (viewpoint distance); "sensitivity" (star brightness); "normale" (boolean)(adjust normale to zero point); "linear" (boolean)(linear or circular movement).

2004-07-11 07:00

標籤: Initial freshmeat announcement

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