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The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop an all-in-one Internet application suite. It contains an Internet browser, email and newsgroup client with an included Web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat, and Web development tools, and is sure to appeal to advanced users, Web developers, and corporate users. It uses much of the Mozilla source code powering such successful siblings as Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird, and Miro.

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2006-04-21 14:00

標籤: Stable

2004-12-20 05:59

This release added NPRuntime, an extension to the Netscape Plugin API. Undetectable document.all support was added along with support for exposing elements by their ID in the global scope for greater IE compatibility for pages that don't request standards compliant behaviour.
標籤: Stable, Major feature enhancements

2004-10-10 22:25
1.8 alpha 4

The pop-up blocker has been greatly improved. This release has underlined accesskey mnemonics in the labels for XUL checkboxes and radio buttons. This makes dialogs easier to use with the keyboard. The History now shows the referrer. Unprompted NTLM authentication is supported. This release can query the list of printers through CUPS. Builds now include the spellcheck in the default install. Chatzilla 0.9.65 is included. There are many other bugfixes and new features, and many changes have been made to the mail client and to the internal rendering engine.
標籤: Development, Major bugfixes

2004-10-10 22:19

This is a security update to Mozilla 1.7 that fixes several security vulnerabilities.
標籤: Stable, Major security fixes

2003-07-05 22:14

This version features type-ahead-find, prefetching using <link>, better drag'n'drop, an improved "Page Info" feature, and the ability to view the source of selections. Improvements in the mail and news client include junk mail filtering, an HTML sanitizer for incoming mails, newsgroup filters, the ability to apply filters to folders, and Palm sync on Windows. Composer now has the ability to edit HTML in the browser. Generally, there is support for more native looks based on GTK themes and WinXP, many bugfixes, speed improvements, and better standards support.
標籤: Stable, Major feature enhancements

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