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Monster 2 is a nostalgic trip back to the days of the epic SNES RPGs like Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire. It was built from scratch with a focus on a good story, unique gameplay features, and professional looking and sounding artwork and audio.

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2010-11-05 06:13

Greatly improved keyboard and gamepad control. A Polish translation. Fixes for many bugs and the addition of many minor features.
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2009-10-15 05:34

This is a compatibility release. Support for OS X 10.5 (Leopard) in addition to 10.6 was added.

2009-09-23 16:57

This is a bugfix release, mainly for Mac OS X 10.6.

2009-07-03 22:11

This release fixes a major flaw in one of the mini games that caused it
to play very poorly on older, slower computers, a crash in the second
Tiggy battle scene, and a shared library problem with the OpenGL version
of the game on Mac OS X. Patches are available for this and future

2009-06-27 02:43

This release adds a -debug command line parameter to show some debug output. It fixes large resource wastage (20MB in a mini game). It fixes music fading in Golem battle. The Ice2 spell is more appealing. Upgraded to Allegro 4.9.11 with patches, removing the old patch and adding the 4.9.11 patch. It fixes a potential bug in fade/transition effects. The OS X quickdraw version has an icon (alpha is still not 100% correct). The editor compiles again. Font memory is freed when the game is ended. Ambient sound is stopped at the title menu. Some warnings from gcc 3 are fixed. There are many more changes.

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