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A WikiWikiWeb is a collaborative hypertext environment, with an emphasis on easy access to and modification of information. MoinMoin is a Python WikiClone that allows you to easily set up your own wiki, only requiring a Web server and a Python installation.

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2012-12-30 12:55

This release fixes serious security issues.

2012-02-22 07:47

A few security fixes and several bugfixes. Fixes for Python 2.7 compatibility.
標籤: moin19

2010-03-01 10:35

This release fixes major security issues. All users of moin 1.9.x (x < 2) are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. If you use moin 1.8.7, you already have those security fixes. If you use some old 1.8.x release, either upgrade to 1.8.7 or 1.9.2. This release also fixes some normal bugs. New features include pagination for the revision history viewer, pygments upgraded to 1.2.2 (some fixes and some new lexers), and dynamic sizing of the text editor height to avoid double scrollbars.
標籤: moin19

2010-02-15 09:19

This release fixes. major security issues. All users of moin 1.x.y (x < 9) are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. If you use moin 1.9.x, 1.9.2 will be available soon to fix respective issues there. It also fixed a few bugs, like transclusion of (e.g. video) attachments from other pages not working, edit locking for non-logged in editors with log_remote_addr=False, some minor XML-RPC related problems, using umask for page packages, and a Win32-specific bug in SubProcess (fixes calling of external xapian index filters).
標籤: moin18

2010-01-19 10:33

This release fixes a major security issue in MoinMoin 1.9.0; all users are advised to upgrade immediately. There are also many normal bugfixes and enhancements.
標籤: Major security fixes, Bugfixes, Feature Enhancements

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