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miniBB is a flat, linear, highly customizable BB. It features
MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL support, table name
definitions, color skins, language packs, HTML templates,
access control, smilies, search, basic BB codes, member
titles and ranks, moderators, email notification, statistics,
encrypted cookie logging, IP and user ID tracking and
bans, spam protection, "sticky" topics, a powerful admin
panel, and more.

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2004-06-07 16:45 Back to release list

In comparison to 1.7, version 1.7b contains the
new file bb_func_checkusr.php with the fix for the
exploit described here. In comparison to 1.7 and
1.7a, it also adds the index.php, bb_admin.php,
and bb_codes.php files, which fix a vulnerability
found by Ryan Wray. Version 1.7c adds the
bb_func_search.php and setup_mysql.php files,
which fix 1-symbol search correction issues. In
comparison to 1.7c, version 1.7d contains a fix
for a vulnerability in index.php on private and
archive forums.
標籤: Major security fixes

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