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MIMEDefang is a flexible MIME email scanner designed to do all kinds of email processing, including anti-virus scanning, anti-spam scanning, replacing parts of messages with URLs, adding boilerplate disclaimers, and so on. It can alter or delete various parts of a MIME message according to a Perl-based policy filter. It can also bounce messages with unacceptable attachments and modify SMTP response codes on the fly. It works with the Sendmail 8.11 and newer "Milter" API, which makes it more flexible and efficient than procmail-based approaches.

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2012-01-24 08:31

This release contains three new features. A new -G option causes files created by mimedefang to be group-readable and sockets to be group-readable/writable. The multiplexor snoops in on communications and saves the Sendmail queue-ID for logging purposes. It logs the queue ID when logging a slave's STDERR. Finally, MIMEDefang passes along the client port number, server IP address, and server port number to all filter functions. In addition to the three new features, there are several minor bugfixes.
標籤: Stable

2011-07-21 07:00

This is purely a cleanup and bugfix release. Major fixes include better startup handling to avoid a race between startup of MIMEDefang and Sendmail, and better handling of long responses from scanners so the master/slave communication protocol does not become desynchronized.
標籤: bugfix, Stable

2010-06-25 06:42

This fixes just one bug in 2.69 and earlier versions: The embedded Perl code did not call PERL_SET_CONTEXT after forking, which resulted in strange behavior in the scanning code.
標籤: Bugfixes, Stable

2010-06-17 07:37

This release contains mostly minor cleanups and bugfixes. However, a new "-y" option for mimedefang-multiplexor allows you to limit the number of concurrent "recipok" commands on a per-domain basis. This can avoid a DoS situation if one domain has a slow or down SMTP call-ahead server.
標籤: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2010-02-25 08:22

This is a bugfix and minor cleanup release. It detects Sys::Syslog vs. Unix::Syslog at run-time rather than when running ./configure. It no longer changes Content-Disposition to "inline" by default; it was causing weird bugs with Outlook iCalendar attachments. Various other minor bugfixes and improvements were made.
標籤: Minor bugfixes, Stable

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