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MaKL is a simple and light framework for building
multi-platform C/C++ projects, purely based on the
Bourne Shell and GNU Make. It is much easier to
install and use than other typical building
systems, while maintaining the essential
functionality. It is ideal for embedded systems
due to its cross-compilation, multiplatform
toolchaining mechanisms, and minimal external

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2012-01-24 08:29

MK: a fix for a bug in the helper that was causing a compilation error on new versions of GCC (e.g. Ubuntu Oneiric with GCC 4.6.1). CF: makl_test_dir() to specify custom directory for test files; a couple of --help fixes and cleanup; a fix for the featx varname parameter; and command line args for dash-separated ids are now working. TC: the clang toolchain has been added on Darwin (; an OpenSolaris toolchains fix; a QNX momentics 6.5.0 toolchain fix; and the QNX GNU toolchain for ARMv7 has been added.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2010-10-29 17:38

Support was added for Minix3/GCC, Minix3/ACK, OpenSolaris/GCC, and OpenSolaris/SunStudioExpress.

2009-10-29 23:49

/bin/bash has been set as the default shell on Linux to avoid the "can't shift that many" bug with Ubuntu's dash. Intermediate file removal is forced during lex/yacc dependencies execution.

2009-02-20 23:38

This release completes the revamp of the makl* tools, adds Unix man
pages for all makl* commands, supports Solaris/GCC and DragonFly BSD,
simplifies the auto-configuration procedure, supports the Intel C/C++
compiler on Linux, produces dynamic libraries (DLLs) on Windows via
MinGW and Cygwin, sets the OBJDIR variable to prog and lib templates for
multiple target builds, and adds a host of --makl-* commandline flags to
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2008-04-29 18:40

Usage of toolchain variables from configure scripts was fixed.

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