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LogicalDOC is a Web-based document management system that is easy to use and learn. Its architecture leverages best-of-breed Java technology to achieve a powerful and flexible solution. It supports its users with a powerful search engine (Lucene), Web service interface (JAX-WS via CXF) compatible with .NET and PHP, versioning, annotation on documents, a WebDAV interface, importing and exporting from .zip files. Documents can be organized into hierarchical folders, searched using the integrated search engine, or browsed by Tag. The system is extensible thanks to the technologies used (Spring-Hibernate) and its plugin architecture.

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2012-02-21 08:34

This is essentially a bugfix release that includes some small improvements affecting particularly the GUI of the system. It moves the folder name to the beginning of the tab/window title, has support for additional characters for usernames, and indicates the effective search depth. The document upload folder not being cleaned up after checkin, incorrect file upload after repeated checkin/checkout, and export to zip not generating a zip have been fixed.
標籤: Stable, GUI improvements, bugfix

2011-12-20 07:25

Japanese and Czech support. A fix for the user details update procedure. Optimized PDF conversion speed. An upgrade to the component for the preview of documents. Preview for TIFF and GIF images. Better thumbnail presentation. A confirmation prompt when moving items/folders.
標籤: Minor improvements, Czech, Japanese, bugfix

2011-11-29 11:21

This release fixes a problem which made permissions and alias properties invisible, sub-folder search differences between non-admin and admin accounts, previews not working on Linux, users with only read privileges being able to delete tags on documents, and an inability to build export archives. It adds automatic focus on the new folder dialog box, "Download item" in the versions context menu, and "Rename item" in the document's context menu.
標籤: Japanese, Minor improvements, bugfix

2011-10-27 06:04

The ability to print search results. A customizable Welcome message. Edit metadata while adding new documents. An option to save credentials in the browser. A reindex method in the Web service. Complete localization of labels in German. Immediate download after check-out. Optimizations in the queries for permission checks. Optimized Preview creation. A parsing timeout for indexing of documents. Compatibility with MS SQL Server. Compatibility with Oracle 10g.
標籤: MS SQL Server support, Oracle support, new features, Performance improvements, Stable

2011-08-30 18:10

A Thumbnail tab was added to the document details panel for fast preview. Multiple selection of elements in the document list and display of document extended properties were optimized. OCR on PDF documents was improved. A complete localization of labels in Chinese and Russian was provided. Internet Explorer 8 issues, calculation of document size after checkin, the sender field when sending e-mails, and a GUI bug in the extended properties editor were fixed. The list of supported browsers is IE8, IE9, Firefox 5/6, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
標籤: Performance improvements, GUI improvements, bugfix, Stable

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