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Libxml2 is the XML C library developed for the Gnome project. The library code is portable (to Linux, Unix, Windows, embedded systems, etc.) and modular; most of the extensions can be compiled out. Libxml2 implements a number of existing standards related to markup languages, including the XML standard, Namespaces in XML, XML Base, Relax NG, RFC 2396, XPath, XPointer, HTML4, XInclude, SGML Catalogs, and XML Catalogs. In most cases, libxml tries to implement the specifications in a relatively strict way. To some extent, it provides support for the following specifications, but doesn't claim to implement them: DOM, FTP client, HTTP client, and SAX2. Support for W3C XML Schemas is in progress. It includes xmllint, a command line XML validator.

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2004-08-23 14:16

Improved XSD Schemas support, Python bindings,
and command line tools. There were also a variety of
minor bugfixes.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2004-07-06 13:31

In this release, XML schemas were improved, there were a
lot of bugfixes, and there was some work on performance.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2004-04-19 02:00

Support for xml:id has been added. There are several bugfixes and improvements in various areas: Relax-NG, XML schemas, the HTML parser, XInclude, and regexp handling.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2004-03-24 15:28

Various bugs were fixed. Improvements were made to
XML Schemas, XML Writer, and Python bindings. Some
portability patches were applied.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2004-02-23 19:22

This includes a few bugfixes and some optimizations of XPath and DTD validation.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

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