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conexus is a generalized C++ I/O library that
includes network support for IPv4 and IPv6 sockets,
serial/TTY communications, kernel message queues,
pipes, and files. Objects use sigc++ for
signaling property changes and other information.
Sub-libraries include conexus-gtkmm (provides a set of gtkmm widgets), conexus-dbus (provides dbus support for endpoints), conexus-nspr (provides NSPR endpoints), conexus-nss (provides NSS endpoints), and conexus-ssl (provides OpenSSL endpoints).

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2009-01-09 06:37

This is a preview release heading to 0.6.0. The biggest additions to this release are the additional endpoints including kernel message queues, OpenSSL, NSPR, and NSS. There are also numerous bugfixes and rewrites.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2007-03-24 20:50

This release makes all Conexus::Data comparison
operators const methods, allowing for comparison
of const data objects.
標籤: Code cleanup

2007-03-24 20:49

This release further changes Conexus::Data by
removing all the typecast operators except
標籤: Code cleanup

2007-03-24 20:49

This release fixes an issue with Conexus::Data's
overloaded const operator[].
標籤: Code cleanup

2007-03-15 09:24

This release features numerous changes including support for kernel message queues, and adds threading support to I/O operations. Conexus::Data was modified to use a deep storage mechanism, hopefully providing more natural copy semantics. Additionally, the inheritance hierarchy was simplified and flattened.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

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