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conexus is a generalized C++ I/O library that
includes network support for IPv4 and IPv6 sockets,
serial/TTY communications, kernel message queues,
pipes, and files. Objects use sigc++ for
signaling property changes and other information.
Sub-libraries include conexus-gtkmm (provides a set of gtkmm widgets), conexus-dbus (provides dbus support for endpoints), conexus-nspr (provides NSPR endpoints), conexus-nss (provides NSS endpoints), and conexus-ssl (provides OpenSSL endpoints).

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This release introduces DBus support using the dbus-cxx library and the dbus-cxx-xml2cpp interface generator. To enable, use the --enable-dbus configure option. For now, only a few key classes have DBus interfaces: generic endpoints, IPv4 TCP and UDP endpoints, IPv4 TCP server, and IPv4 addresses. Several of the flag-like options have had their accessor names changed to improve readability. Typically these now have an is_someflag_enabled() and enable_someflag() style. There are also a few name changes to the IPv4 and IPv6 UDP classes to improve readability.
標籤: Enhancements, dbus, dbus-cxx, dbus-cxx-xml2cpp, tcp, udp, IPv4

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