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conexus is a generalized C++ I/O library that
includes network support for IPv4 and IPv6 sockets,
serial/TTY communications, kernel message queues,
pipes, and files. Objects use sigc++ for
signaling property changes and other information.
Sub-libraries include conexus-gtkmm (provides a set of gtkmm widgets), conexus-dbus (provides dbus support for endpoints), conexus-nspr (provides NSPR endpoints), conexus-nss (provides NSS endpoints), and conexus-ssl (provides OpenSSL endpoints).

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2010-03-09 23:54

This release contains minor bugfixes and a small patch to improve the OpenSSL support for newer versions. There are also a few minor additions to class documentation.
標籤: Bug Fix, Documentation, OpenSSL

2009-07-09 16:17

This release adds DBus proxies and adapters for files, serial ports, and ttys, as well as extending the existing DBus supported classes such as IPv4::Address. The gtkmm widgets have been rewritten to support the pure virtual interfaces so that local objects and the DBus proxies can be used interchangeably.
標籤: Enhancements, dbus, IPv4, Gtkmm

2009-06-10 01:54

This release introduces DBus support using the dbus-cxx library and the dbus-cxx-xml2cpp interface generator. To enable, use the --enable-dbus configure option. For now, only a few key classes have DBus interfaces: generic endpoints, IPv4 TCP and UDP endpoints, IPv4 TCP server, and IPv4 addresses. Several of the flag-like options have had their accessor names changed to improve readability. Typically these now have an is_someflag_enabled() and enable_someflag() style. There are also a few name changes to the IPv4 and IPv6 UDP classes to improve readability.
標籤: Enhancements, dbus, dbus-cxx, dbus-cxx-xml2cpp, tcp, udp, IPv4

2009-05-22 16:02

This release adds the UDP-Lite endpoint type and examples. The UI support providing enumeration of serial and network devices has also been rewritten to use libudev and netdevice rather than libhal. Finally, the documentation has been restructured and should be even more usable, especially since devhelp is now supported.

2009-03-04 06:18

This release is the result of the 0.5.9x series of releases. Little has changed since 0.5.98 except that conexus-gtkmm has been updated to reflect changes in papyrus 0.10.0.
標籤: Code cleanup

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