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LedgerSMB is a fork of SQL-Ledger that seeks to provide better security and data integrity controls, better community support, open documentation, and more.

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2011-09-18 10:13
1.3.0 RC2

Since RC1, a couple of bugs in statement printing/emailing have been resolved, as has one permissions issue. The documentation has been slightly updated.

2011-09-10 13:55
1.3.0 RC1

A few bugs with newlines in notes and onhold handling have been fixed. A large number of bugs and file attachments for parts were fixed.
標籤: Release Candidate, Minor bugfixes, major enhancements

2011-08-23 06:54

This release includes the fix for the recent SQL injection issue. It contains no other changes. All users of LedgerSMB 1.2.x are advised to move to it.
標籤: security fix, Major bugfixes

2011-08-20 10:45

This release fixes an SQL injection issue. Users are advised to download and put this version into production as soon as possible.
標籤: Release Candidate, Major bugfixes

2011-08-18 06:46

This is likely the final snapshot before 1.3.0 RC1. It corrects a number minor enhancements in contact management, and has minor bugfixes in receipt handling and recurring transactions. It also provides a working database setup wizard, though this wizard is not currently capable of upgrading a database from a previous version. This release contains a few minor known bugs.
標籤: Minor bugfixes, Development, major enhancements

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