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LAM/MPI is an implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) parallel standard that is especially friendly to clusters. It includes a persistent runtime environment for parallel programs, support for all of MPI-1, and a good chunk of MPI-2, such as all of the dynamic functions, one-way communication, C++ bindings, and MPI-IO.

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2007-02-15 02:44

Man page cleanups. Fixes for when tkill is not in the default location. A fix for hangs in 64-bit builds on Mac OS X systems. Localhost searches have changed to Support for Fortran types MPI_REAL{4,8,16} for predefined floating point operations. A compile error in "ib" RPI, a problem with MPI_COMM_ACCEPT on Fedora Core 4, name clashes with FreeBSD symbols, Cygwin installation symlinks, an issue with hostfile comments, and Totalview shared object support on OS X have been fixed. The restart logic in the "self" CR module has been cleaned up. A lot of checkpoint/restart documentation has been added.
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2006-03-12 22:44

This release is comprised of a rollup of incremental bugfixes and compiler updates since version 7.1.1. The most noticable change will be the updates to support modern versions of common compilers by updating configure tests and upgrading to the latest version of GNU Libtool. This release adds RHEL4 RPMs and an OS X Universal package for Tiger/10.4.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2004-10-26 09:06

Minor bugfixes were made along with an upgrade to libtool 1.5.8.
標籤: Code cleanup

2004-09-19 01:03

A variety of new modules were added, including
Infiniband point-to-point, shared memory
collectives, and SLURM. Upgraded or fixed modules
include Myrinet (1.6, 2.0.x), BProc (v4.0), and
MagPIe collectives. New MPI-2 collectives
(intercommunicators, EXSCAN, and ALLTOALLW) and
MPI-2 datatypes (MPI_INTEGER[1|2|4|8] and
MPI_REAL[4|8|16]) were added. "mpi_hostmap"
functionality was added for users with multiple
TCP networks. SSI modules can now be loaded
dynamically at run-time instead of compiled into
the MPI library.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2004-04-28 05:27

An obscure race condition that occurred when running over 255 nodes was fixed along with a rare upper/lower bound datatype calculation error. MPI_IGNORE_ERRORCODES was changed to have correct casting, and TCP socket buffer run-time sizing was corrected. The interface detection code was reworked to allow arbitrary numbers of network interfaces, and fixes were made for TM (PBS), Solaris, and Sun Grid Engine. Some documentation and help messages were corrected.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

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