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kpcli (KeePass CLI) is a command line interface (interactive shell) to work with KeePass database files. It was inspired by the author's use of the Ked Password Manager's "kedpm -c" option combined with a need to migrate to KeePass.

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2010-12-24 18:21

Version 0.03 or later of File::KeePass is now required. "/_found" was sorted to be last in the root group list. A "database changed" state bug was fixed in cli_save(). The find command was made to ignore entries in /Backup/. Find now offers to show when only one entry is found. A patch was provided to the Term::ShellUI author to add eof_exit_hook and support was added for it.

2010-11-30 14:00

The master password is now encrypted in RAM. The code was fixed to work without Term::ReadLine::Gnu. A File::KeePass v0.1 hierarchy bug was documented. The find command was made case insensitive. A path regex problem was fixed. Lock file support was added, and a warning is given if a lock exists.

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