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kpcli (KeePass CLI) is a command line interface (interactive shell) to work with KeePass database files. It was inspired by the author's use of the Ked Password Manager's "kedpm -c" option combined with a need to migrate to KeePass.

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2012-03-04 10:24

This release adds a bugfix to the cl command, resolving SourceForge bug number 3496544.

2011-10-01 12:00

"import" and "export" commands have been added to allow direct importing and exporting to/from KeePass 1.x database files. The "rmdir" command is now willing to delete non-empty groups if the user verifies that to be her intention. The "new" command can now auto-generate random passwords.

2011-09-08 16:13

A few small usability features and several bugfixes.

2011-04-24 16:47

A Perl backwards-incompatibility was resolved. Now, *.kdb files that are changed "underneath" a running kpcli are detected and warned about. kpli was ported to Term::ShellUI 0.9. The "icons" commands were added.

2011-02-20 20:48

Bugs related to spaces in group names were fixed. The edit command now prompts the user to save on changes. scrub_unknown_values_from_all_groups() calls were put back into place after realizing that v0.03 of File::KeePass did not resolve all of the file corruption problems.

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