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K-3D is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system for GNU/Linux & Win32. Features include creation and editing of geometry in multiple realtime OpenGL solid, shaded, and texture-mapped views; unlimited undos and redos; complete extensibility at runtime through third-party plugins; animated procedural geometric effects; all parameters animatable through a consistent control-spline based interface; rendering pipeline to Renderman Interface compliant rendering engines; optimization for use with the Aqsis rendering engine, which features solid modelling, true displacement, and user programmable shaders; and support for background and batch rendering.

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2007-01-26 09:59

This release features major changes to the internal file-handling code to work correctly with files containing non-ASCII characters. Due to the sweeping changes needed to make this possible, this version is considered a "development" release, so users are encouraged to use this release for testing and feedback only. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the 0.6 series of K-3D for its completely rewritten user interface, many new features, and significantly improved stability over 0.4.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2005-09-17 20:09

Loading of base64-encoded inline files has been
implemented. The first iteration of a GUI for
RenderMan properties has been added. The
first-iteration GUI for adding user properties to
objects has been added. Surface shaders now have a
preview button that previews shaders on a
cylinder. More Move tool fixes have been written,
including filter reuse and off-screen mouse warp.
Spin button feel has been improved, and entries
ungrab focus on validation. Code::Blocks project
has been improved. Broken Python polygon-creation
scripts have been fixed.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2004-11-05 11:42

Subdivision surface plugins were reimplemented to support
variable sharpness creases. The Javascript engine has been
updated to the latest SpiderMonkey, and the project nows
builds on all
Debian supported platforms. New plugins include face
subdivision, face and point merging, and an OFF file reader.
The Python engine was enhanced to load and morph
meshes. Finally, there's a new NSIS script for a Win32
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2004-09-09 12:32

The build system was enhanced to improve portability
among Debian supported platforms, Darwin, Mac OS
X, and GCC 3.4. It also included improved subdivision
surfaces handling, an enhanced deformation bone, a
new OpenFX import filter, and a mini-tutorial on
animations. The program is now an official Debian
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2004-07-24 22:22

QSlim decimation was implemented, based on Michael
Garland's QSlim 2 library. A basic POV engine was
added, which exports meshes with polygons color,
bicubic (Bezier) patches, and camera. PolyCube now
has adjustable rows, columns, and slices.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

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