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hdup is used to back up a filesystem. Features include encryption of the archive (mcrypt/GnuPG), compression of the archive (bzip2/gzip/lzop/none), the ability to transfer the archive to a remote host or restoring from a remote host (with SSH), the ability to split up archives, and no obscure archive format (it is a normal compressed tar file).

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2005-12-10 20:35

Files specified with the "dir" keyword are now
also seperated with NULLs in the filelist.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

2005-11-26 16:11

This release adds some improvements to the restore code.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

2005-10-03 00:07

The examples/ subdirectory was re-added, and a successful remote backup is now detected as such.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

2005-10-01 09:38

This release fixed a double free that occurred when the program was set SUID/SGID and refused to run. 'skip' is now always enabled and a byte count is given when doing a remote backup.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

2005-08-06 22:30

A null-terminated file list is now used. The
specific restore function is working again.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

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