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HAproxy is a high-performance and highly-robust TCP and HTTP load balancer which provides cookie-based persistence, content-based switching, SSL off-loading, advanced traffic regulation with surge protection, automatic failover, run-time regex-based header control, Web-based reporting and management interface, advanced logging to help trouble-shooting buggy applications and/or networks, and a few other features. Its own event-driven state machine achieves 100,000 connections per second and surpasses GigaEthernet on modern hardware, even with tens of thousands of simultaneous connections.

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2012-12-29 06:52

The last known bugs since 1.5-dev15 have been fixed (frozen POSTs, aborted SSL sessions, and occasionally truncated early responses from servers to POST requests). Additionally, a few long-awaited features have been implemented: support for logging anything coming from a sample fetch function using %[] in the log format, as well as passing this to servers in HTTP headers (all SSL information can now be passed this way). The HTML stats page was improved with more detailed information in tips (this was broken in dev16). Users of 1.5-dev12 to 16 are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
標籤: Major bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements

2012-12-13 07:46

The high CPU usage a few users have been experiencing in dev14 is now fixed. A file descriptor leak when logging SSL information was fixed. Some SSL issues with client certs were fixed. SSL handshake errors are now logged. Some incorrect logs of "SD" flags in case of client errors were resolved. The conditions to enable Gzip compression were tightened. Layer 7 information such as the IP address taken from a header can now be tracked. Users of 1.5-dev12..dev14 are encouraged to upgrade.
標籤: Bugfixes, Feature Enhancements

2012-03-12 03:31

A number of annoying issues (some old) were fixed. All 1.4 users are encouraged to upgrade. Zero-weight servers won't take requests from the backend queue anymore. A fix for an issue where releasing a server connection would not result in picking a new one from the queue. POST requests smaller than the buffer could sometimes be delayed by 200ms. The TCP segment merging mechanism has been improved to ensure that outgoing segments are always merged even with wrapping chunks.
標籤: Maintenance, Major bugfixes

2011-09-05 18:35

White space past the end of header values was not ignored, causing a space-padded content-length header to be rejected as invalid. A few minor improvements were made. The halog tool was improved to support more filtering criteria and to be noticeably faster. There is no need to upgrade for already running setups.
標籤: Minor bugfixes, Minor improvements

2011-03-29 17:57

Many changes were made, most of them bugfixes. Server-side IPv6 and server-side PROXY protocol support was added. All other changes are internal architecture changes needed to support server-side keep-alive later. Users of other 1.5 development versions are encouraged to upgrade, with the usual care needed for a development version.
標籤: Development, Bug fixes, Major feature enhancements

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