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The HAM radio equipment control libraries allow you to write amateur radio equipment control programs for transceivers and antenna rotators which use CAT or similar computer interfaces for control.

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2013-01-05 06:49

Some minor fixes were made. There is a fix in so that rigctld/rotcld works on Win32. This release removes unsupported commands on IC-756 (non-Pro model), and fixed set_split in netrigctl.c to properly accept the split value. An NSIS script was added to build an executable installer on Win32. IC-R8500 gained RIG_LEVEL_AF support, and ADAT received updates for stable operation.
標籤: minor stable

2011-08-01 03:19

New models: SigFox Transfox, TH-D72A, IC-7410, IC-9100, IC-R9500, KX3, and V4L2 API support (untested). New rotator backends: IF-100 and TS-7400. Fixes and features: K3/KX3, building Win32 from a script, rigctld/rotctld ported to Mingw32, Win32 build fixes, removal of obsolete bundled libtool files, rigctl improvements, a FUNcube string test (works with V0.0 and V1.0), Yaesu newcat.c fixed to use rig->state.current_vfo to store the vfo value, a command to halt rigctld, and the ability to select the PTT source in Kenwood backends (TS-590S). This release makes sure the scan is stopped at IC-9000 opening. Alpha support for thd72 get channel data.
標籤: major stable

2011-05-30 00:04

This release is a bug fix release and includes no new features or backends. The Git SCM is now used, and the README documentation was updated accordingly. Mingw32 build fixes were made. The FUNcube dongle USB was fixed for Win32. kit/README.funcubedongle was added. A bug in the K3 antenna selection function was fixed. Users of the FUN Cube dongle on Win32 and K3 users on all platforms are urged to upgrade to this version.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2011-03-13 22:33

Newly supported models include VX-1700, FUNcube, FiFi-SDR, KTH-SDR Si570, FT-5000, and TS-590S. Rotor fixes and features were made for SPID. A new rotor backend was added for F1TE Tracker. Fixes and features were made for TS-440S, K2, K3, SR-2200, THF6A, THF7E, NewCAT rigs serial port defaults, and TM-D700. The libtool tree was removed from the source tree. Old DocBook files were removed. A USB device's VID/PID/Vendor/Product is now allowed to be explicitly specified. Doxygen documentation updates were made and a new style sheet was added.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2010-09-05 02:28

The following new models are supported: PCR-2500 and its double receiver, RX331 & TRP 8255 S R. Rotators: DF9GR's ERC. Fixes and features were brought to Paragon, TS-690S, FT-920, FT-990, FT-2000, Elektor SDR-USB, IC-7000, IC-7700, AR-8200, and AR-8600.

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