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gjots lets you organize text notes in a convenient, hierarchical way. It can be used for notes, jottings, bits and pieces, recipes, and even PINs and passwords, using encryption. It can also be used to "mind-map" larger compositions like manuals, Web pages, articles, etc. It is a bit like the KDE program "kjots", but uses the GTK library and supports a hierarchy of folders. Files can be output to HTML with an automatic table of contents or to docbook XML. Encryption is supported with ccrypt(1), gpg(1), and openssl(1), so that musings can be kept private.

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2011-07-14 10:50

German language support and a find tool in the menu bar.

2011-07-06 21:37

Backwards search was added. The "Find Previous" menu item was added with a keyboard shortcut of S-C-g. "Find Previous" and "Find Next" now set or unset the "backwards" flag in "preferences". The regex for the browser to look for xulrunner-2/.*firefox- was tightened. MOD2_MASK was being set on all keyboard events, so it is now masked out in treeview handler. ^End now goes to the absolutely last element. ^PgDn now goes to the last visible element.

2011-05-15 03:34

A Slovenian translation was added. A bug was fixed in plain text, match-case find.

2011-01-03 18:33

Spanish language support with LC_ALL=es_ES.utf-8 was added.

2010-12-19 18:49

A "Recent files" menu is supported. Read-only mode now makes inoperative tool buttons disappear. The dialog to set font was fixed. Preferences were moved under the Edit menu item. The RPM packages are now installable on RHEL/Centos-5.5. Dialogs now respond better to the keyboard. If a file's timestamp changes while gjots2 is editing it, then you are told about it and asked to confirm whether to overwrite. "Find" of an item now scrolls the treeview to that item. A "Find Next" menu item (^G) was added.

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