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Git is a "directory content manager" that was designed to handle massive projects such as the Linux kernel with speed and efficiency. It falls in the category of distributed source code management tools and is similar to GNU Arch, Monotone, and BitKeeper. Every Git working directory is a fully-fledged repository with full revision tracking capabilities and is not dependent on network access to a central server.

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2009-07-30 22:45

"git add --edit" lets users edit the whole patch text to fine-tune what is added to the index. "git grep" gained the -p option to show the location of the match using the same context hunk marker that "git diff" uses. "git push $name" honors remote.$name.pushurl if present before using remote.$name.url. In other words, the URL used for fetching and pushing can be different. "git submodule update" gained the --rebase option to update checked out submodules by rebasing the local changes.
標籤: Major, Stable

2009-07-22 01:41

With the next major release, "git push" into a branch that is currently checked out will be refused by default. You can choose what should happen upon such a push by setting the configuration variable receive.denyCurrentBranch in the receiving repository. To ease the transition plan, the receiving repository of such a push running this release will issue a big warning when the configuration variable is missing.
標籤: Stable, Major

2008-08-05 21:43

Various bugfixes.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2008-04-23 21:41

Several commands to git have been fixed. This release comes with various documentation updates.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2007-09-25 19:41

標籤: Minor bugfixes

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