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Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast Linux distribution for x86, PowerPC, Sparc, and Sparc64 that's geared towards Linux power users. Unlike other distros, it has an advanced package management system called Portage. Portage is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, "fake" (OpenBSD-style) installs, path sandboxing, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more.

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2011-03-11 00:59

This version features Linux Kernel 2.6.37 (with Gentoo patches), accessibility support with Speakup 3.1.6, bash 4.1, glibc 2.12.2, gcc 4.5.2, binutils 2.21, python 2.7.1 and 3.1.3, perl 5.12.3, and more.
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2009-10-07 15:38

A live DVD is now available, which features many packages, including Linux kernel 2.6.30 (with Gentoo patches), Speakup 3.1.3, Bash 4.0, glibc 2.9, GCC 4.3.2, KDE 4.3.1, GNOME 2.26.3, and Xfce 4.6.1.
標籤: Live DVD

2007-03-03 23:28

The primary goal of 2006.1 is to improve the
quality of the Gentoo release media by including
more drivers. The secondary goal of this release
is to build experimental LiveCD images for at
least one architecture other than AMD64/x86 to
facilitate Gentoo Linux Installer testing.
標籤: Major bugfixes

2006-05-24 09:08

Major highlights in this release include KDE
3.4.3, GNOME 2.12.2, XFCE 4.2.2, GCC 3.4.4, and a
2.6.15 kernel. This is also the first release with
the Gentoo Linux Installer officially debuting on
the x86 LiveCD, which will fully replace the
Universal and PackageCD set.

2004-08-30 22:44

標籤: Major feature enhancements

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