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Fusiondirectory is an infrastructure manager. It allows you to manage users, groups, services, servers, workstations, and the deployment of operating systems and software. All these operations are feasible from a Web interface.

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2011-10-06 10:01

The netgroup plugin is now an official plugin, and is used by the Debian Edu people. The rsyslog plugin allows you to read and search the logs of all your machines and the FusionDirectory audit trail. The fusiondirectory-setup command replaces update-fusiondirectory and allows maintenance of FusionDirectory in console mode. FusionDirectory installation was enhanced to support various Linux distributions and BSD. JSON RPC support was introduced to allow the management of Linux installations with the new argonaut server.
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2011-05-09 15:58

Advanced options were removed from setup. Online help was corrected. Wording on plugins was corrected. The need for magic_quotes_gpc was removed. The fusiondirectory-desktop package was removed. Program version checking was removed from svn. The apache plugin was added. The final logo is used. A full Italian language translation was made.
標籤: Stable, Minor

2011-04-05 05:49

Initial freshmeat announcement.
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