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Flowgrind is a tool similar to iperf or netperf. It measures throughput and other metrics for TCP and other protocols. It features some unique characteristics: a distributed architecture, sophisticated flow scheduling, Linux kernel TCP statistics, the Anderson-Darling statistical test, rate-limited flows with uniform or Poisson distribution, and separation between control and test traffic.

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2012-03-05 04:46

IPv6 test connections with IPv4 control connections work now. Unfortunately, IPv6 control connections are not supported yet. This release also brings support for FreeBSD and includes various autconf fixes to improve portability. The manual page was extended to show how flowglogs can be plotted with gnuplot. Additionally, this release contains small bug and coding style fixes.

2011-01-12 07:04

A bug was fixed that occurred when the control address was reachable but the test connection failed to establish.
Under some circumstances, the packet dump was missing the initial SYN; this issue is fixed.

2010-12-09 07:57

This is a bugfix release that fixes a rare bug that lead to receiver limitation in conjunction with muliple differently scheduled flows. An output bug has been fixed where the PMTU/IMTU/SMSS variables under some circumstances showed the value -1.

2010-12-05 17:56

Transacaction per second calculation was added. The block count column is now disabled by default, and the rate transactions per second is shown instead. The timing for throughput calculation was reworked. The final report line was reworked. Minor output improvements were made. The useless full interval line was dropped. The documentation (such as help and manpage) was revised.

2010-11-11 20:40

Obsolete fasttime and TSCI2 support was removed. libpcap support was added for automatic traffic dumping (for analysis with tcptrace etc). libgsl support was added for advanced stochastic distributions. TCP_NODELAY and non-standard MTCP sockopts were added. A final report is now always printed, even when the connection is interrupted. There were many small bugfixes.

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