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FFTW is a fast C FFT library. It includes complex, real, symmetric, multidimensional, and parallel transforms, and can handle arbitrary array sizes efficiently.It is typically faster than other freely available FFT implementations, and is even competitive with vendor-tuned libraries (benchmarks are available at the homepage). To achieve this performance, it uses novel code generation and runtime self optimization techniques (along with many other tricks).

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2008-11-16 18:32

Real-to-complex transforms, non-power-of-two
transforms, and multi-threaded transforms were
made faster. Cell processor support was added.
MIPS paired-single SIMD support was added.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2008-10-10 18:17

This release fixes a bug that causes incorrect
results to be computed in programs that use both
REDFT11 (a.k.a. DCT-IV) and RODFT11 (a.k.a.
DST-IV) at the same time.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2007-11-14 08:33

Performance for sizes with factors of 5 and 10 was
improved. The code was ported to the latest Cell
SDK. Various bugs were fixed.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements, Development

2007-03-20 07:13

Support for the Cell processor was added along with a 64-bit API, experimental MPI support, and support for MIPS paired-single SIMD instructions. r2c transforms and multi-threading were accelerated. A return value bug in the Fortran interface for dfftw_init_threads was fixed. G77 wrappers are now optional if gfortran is detected.
標籤: Major feature enhancements, Development

2006-07-06 04:17

This release fixes the --enable-portable-binary option in the configure script. It fixes thread compilation on AIX. Configure now detects Core/Duo arch. Altivec detection has been fixed.
標籤: Major bugfixes

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