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FBReaderJ is an e-book reader for the Android platform. It is a clone of the FBReader book reader written in Java by the same authors. FBReaderJ supports several e-book formats: oeb, epub, and fb2. Direct reading from zip, tar, and gzip archives is supported.

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2013-01-03 20:53

Support for xlarge screens was added. Image, library, and other dependent activities now have the same orientation as the main (text) window. An issue with rendering during backward page turning with no animation was fixed. For ePub files, SVG namespace processing has been fixed. A Bulgarian localization was added and the Belarusian, Czech, and Dutch localizations were updated.

2011-06-13 01:16

Text selection. Traditional Chinese localization.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2011-04-05 12:29

Curl scrolling animation (like iBooks), an animation speed option, configurable actions for the Back button (short and long pressing), different colors for visited/not visited links, fixes for SlovoEd dictionary integration, Hyphenation patterns for Dutch, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Polish, and miscellaneous fixes.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2011-03-11 20:11

A new application icon was added. A Thai localization was added. TTF font style detection was fixed. Support for opds:// URLs has been implemented. An unexpected search call has been fixed. Custom OPDS link search was fixed. Periodical update of custom links information has been added. Epub rendering issues (like unexpected paragraph ends) were fixed. Multi-body fb2 file processing has been fixed. "Back button menu" is now optional. In LitRes, there are several views for purchased books.

2011-02-18 07:32

Book/position remembering has been fixed. Categories displaying in the FeedBooks feed has been fixed.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

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