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f2w helpdesk is a Web-based helpdesk package. It allows requests to be categorised to an arbitrary level of detail using a expert-system-like question and answer method. Advice and problem-specific information can be associated with the request categories, thus building up a knowledge base to speed the resolution of frequently occurring problems. Users can also add their own tasks, thus using it as a todo list or for workflow within teams, and notes can be added to each request at any time.

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2002-07-23 13:18

Minor user interface improvements, bugfixes in the Oracle configuration script, a new MS SQL configuration, and the automatic addition of new help desk operators to at least one team (without this, they can't do much).

2002-04-18 13:53

In this release, the CSV extract now copes with quotes and newlines. There were some localisation fixes - more strings can now be localised. The SQL patching method was improved, to separate Oracle development from the PostgreSQL branch. It is now possible to create users with restricted access (just don't make them members of any teams).
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2001-11-13 20:26

New reports were added and existing reports were improved. Handling of request
notes was improved. A localization bug was fixed. "Expert-system" questions are
now shown in two columns so that more can be displayed on a page without
requiring the user to scroll.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2001-10-30 16:39

Many messy DTML constructs were moved into Python scripts, reports were tidied up, and common code was factored out. Reporting option to omit rows with no open requests and ability to create and delete helpdesk operators in the Contact Admin screen were added. Bug in contact search (single quote in search field caused errors and a major SQL security hole) was fixed.
標籤: Minor security fixes

2001-10-23 17:07

Requests can now be assigned to anyone if there is no team with the corresponding skillset. Contact's name, location and phone are always shown when viewing a request, and in e-mails. Date ranges are compared correctly in request search. Category of a request can now be changed more easily, without arbitrary restrictions. Request extract report (in CSV format) added.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

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