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EMIPLIB is a library to facilitate the development of programs that need to stream several kinds of media over IP. The library consists of several kinds of components that can be linked together in various ways, thereby providing a flexible framework. It also provides some ready-to-use classes for the transmission of audio and video over IP. Streams originating from the same participant can be synchronized.

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2011-07-29 21:40

A bug in the libavcodec based video frame conversion component was fixed. A bug in the PortAudio based audio input/output component was fixed. A component was added to allow reading raw YUV video frames from a file. Support was added for audio compression using the SILK codec. The build system was switched to CMake.
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2010-07-19 23:48

In this version, some important changes were made to the components responsible for video streaming. Apart from using an internal streaming format, H.263 frames can now be sent and received over RTP according to the standard. Audio input and output components for the Android platform are now available. Finally, some bugs were fixed in the component chain implementation.

2009-08-13 18:04

This release added components for echo cancellation based on the routines in the Speex library. The U-law and A-law encoding components were improved. Support for libswscale was added. A component was added for decompressing JPEG encoded video frames using the TinyJPEG library.

2007-12-23 19:54

This release adds a PortAudio sound capture/playback component. It improves the timing in the audio session class.

2007-08-15 12:31

Some bugs were fixed. Several audio compression
and encoding components were added: A-law
encoding, LPC compression, and GSM compression. An
OpenAL output component was added.

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