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DirSync Pro is a powerful, easy-to-configure tool to synchronize the contents of one directory with another. It can compare files by various attributes, such as size or modified-date. It can synchronize an unlimited number of directories, and has a detailed logging function.

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2012-08-27 03:11

This release has many fixes and some new cool features. Full support for symbolic links (now copies a symbolic link verbatim). Full support for preserving POSIX file permissions, POSIX file ownership, and DOS attributes. A much faster copy algorithm. Five brand new filters to filter files/folders based on an absolute path, POSIX file permissions, POSIX file ownership, DOS attributes, and timestamps.
More context-aware options to manipulate the synchronization queue. An option to shut down the system after the synchronization is carried out.

2011-07-15 06:26

This is a minor release with many bugfixes and a couple of new features like: additional context menu items in Sync Q, conflict resolution in custom mono-directional sync, a /schedule option for the command line, and more.

2011-01-21 07:26

This release contains many new features, including a powerfull schedule engine and many bugfixes.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2011-01-21 07:26

DirSync Pro 1.4 final! This release contains many new features including a powerfull schedule engine and lots of bug fixes. Please read the changlog for details.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2010-08-26 07:23

Many bugfixes, some enhancements, a new dialog to edit filters, and new filters based on file size.

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