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DAViCal is a server implementation of the CalDAV protocol for storing calendaring resources (in iCalendar format) on a remote shared server. An increasing number of calendar clients support the maintenance of shared remote calendars through CalDAV including Mozilla Calendar (Sunbird/Lightning), Evolution, Mulberry, Chandler, and various other closed-source products such as Apple's iCal and iPhone. DAViCal supports basic delegation of read/write access among calendar users, multiple users or clients reading and writing the same calendar entries over time, and scheduling of meetings with free/busy time displayed.

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2012-01-14 15:14

Major features in this release include implementations of CalDAV scheduling and Timezone Service Protocol drafts, support for external bindings, importing of VCARD collections, and much more. This is a stable release and further development will be on a new branch.
標籤: Stable, Major

2011-01-02 23:03

This release is primarily for stability and bugfixing, although a new experimental Atom feed of calendar data is included and some minor enhancements have been made to the UI, including full display of bindings and tickets, and the ability to create tickets. The WebDAV synchronization support is also updated to the -04 draft. CardDAV support should now be much more reliable.
標籤: Minor, Stable

2010-09-26 21:50

This release mainly includes bugfixes for the CardDAV support that landed in, making it more reliable and adding some backward-compatibility options for the Inverse plugin for Lightning.
標籤: Minor, Stable

2010-09-21 19:20

This is a significant new release, adding initial support for the draft vCard Extensions to WebDAV (CardDAV). Other changes update the WebDAV Sync support to draft version -03 and add support for handling /.well-known/caldav and /.well-known/carddav URLs per RFC5785. The release also includes many bugfixes, updated translations, and better resiliency for clients which don't adhere strictly to the RFC, such as by not supplying a Content-type when they PUT a new or changed resource. UTF-8 handling is also improved.
標籤: important, Stable

2010-04-22 06:51

This release adds full support for CalDAV scheduling extensions, WebDAV tickets, WebDAV bindings, and LDAP groups. There are many other minor changes and fixes.
標籤: Bugfixes, Stable, Major

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